Varangia is the premier military power in Oceania and culturally the most diverse. The country is unique in that it was formed as a democracy rather than undergoing a later conversion, unlike many of the other trade empires in the region.

In the Varangian political system, trade guilds serve as political parties, with members of the guilds picking and choosing members that they believe can take positions in office. The most important position in the Empire is Minster and there are four of them: the Minister of War, the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Economics, and the Minister of Ethics. Ministers are elected to their positions by vote and, while anyone can technically run for the position, they are normally influential members of trade guilds as only they would have the resources and influence to run a successful campaign. A Minister holds the position for the remainder of their life unless they choose to resign or at least 2 of the other 3 Ministers vote that they are unfit to perform their duties

As the system was one of the earliest democracies, many of the naming conventions are borrowed from the monarchy system, though their roles are a bit different. Ministers are in charge of setting policies in their specific field of expertise. These orders are then passed down to regional officials called Dukes. Dukes are essentially governors and their duchies are essentially states. They are elected by voting every five years and may run for as many terms as they think prudent.

It is the job of Dukes to act out the policies placed by the Ministers. While Generals are selected by the Minister of War to oversee the military ranks and ultimately enforce the law, they are subject to review by the Duke. Dukes are also in charge of naming the Supreme Judges who precede over the lower courts. Dukes name a Chief Scholar to manage school systems as well as the protection of historical sites, a General Secretary to both facilitate trade and ensure trade laws are being respected, and a Justicar is named to oversee religious practices to ensure their forms of worship are ethical as well as to make sure the law does not encroach on their freedom to practice.

In Varangia’s early years, many people from across the globe jumped on the democracy bandwagon, leading to a population boom within the Empire. Varangia has been the most populous and powerful trade empire in Oceania ever since, though its neighbors have recently gained traction and have emerged as legitimate powers in their own right.

Recently, a dragon has appeared in Varangia and has wreaked havoc on the region. The creature’s appearance has disrupted food production and has caused a great demand for weapons as the people hope to arm themselves in case their village is attacked next.


Varangia boasts the highest population in Oceania, at…


Minister of War, Minister of Economics, Minister of Culture, Minister of Ethics


Artoria -Good

Vinlan – Good

Umbria – Poor

Helvett – Poor

Muspell – Close to War

Volsung – Neutral


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