World Sport Tournaments

The World Sport Tournaments was an Olympiad-style event created to take advantage of the Oceanic trade empires’ competitive natures and foster strong positive relations between them. The idea was conceived soon after an international fencing tournament was held in Arturia 8 years ago. The tournament was so well received that a committee was immediately formed to begin organizing the event and securing financing.

The event was held 6 years ago on the largest island in Umbria and the home of the Umbrian capital, Patras. The events planned where as followed: Track and Field, Swimming and Diving, Soccer and Basketball, Badminton and Tennis, Boxing, Martial Arts, Magic Arts, Wrestling, and Fencing, Gymnastics, and Archery.

Varangia, which had dominated the Fencing Tournament 8 years ago, boasted a team featuring veteran Sergio Vargos Regal, promising young rookie Captain Elaudia Bautista, Benito Tristán Buenaventura, Gabriel Ernesto Pastor, and Violeta Candelaria Pacífica.

Baustista in particular was a sensation. The youngest competitor in any of the events, she was seeded very low in the tournament brackets and given very little chance of advancing. Surprisingly, she was able to dispatch a veritable murderer’s row of fencers, including 2 of the top 3 seeded females in the world. Her unprecedented run, along with her good looks, made her an inspiration to girls and poster material for boys.

Unfortunately, her time in the tournament ended before the medal round. Pitted against the unbeaten number one female in the world. Despite being up by 2 and having advantage, Bautista was touched 3 times in the closing 5 seconds (including twice during a 1 second span) to improbably be eliminated from the gold medal match. Coaches argued that the time was improperly kept, and lobbied an official complaint to the judges.

They were not alone. During the course of the tournament, Umbria failed to place in track, field, and swimming events but received a Gold, Silver, and Bronze in diving. Their teams also placed gold and silver respectably in Soccer and Basketball with some complaints about questionable refereeing.

The whole thing blew up during a controversial gold medal badminton match where the Umbrian referee ruled that a shuttlecock that clearly landed two inches inside the line was out of bounds and had bounced back onto the field of play.

Several nations protested and threatened to pull out of the tournament. The Umbrian newspapers printed several clear propaganda pieces reporting jealously and outrage due to Umbrian dominance. When an independent committee declared several referees to be corrupt and ordered them to be replaced, the city of Patras erupted into a series of violent riots.

Fearing for their safety, all teams returned to the homelands, ending the tournament. There has never been another World Sport Tournaments held since and there likely never will be.

World Sport Tournaments

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