The Free State

The Free State is a group of anarchists dedicated to disrupting governmental institutions via assassination of major political figures. The group takes their name from a rebellion that took place in NOT-JAPAN some 200 years ago. No longer wishing to live under the Shogun and his Daimyo, a group of peasants on a small island just off NOT-JAPAN’s coast declared themselves to be a Free State, one with no lords or rulers, where everyone was free.

The Free State did not last long before the Shogun sent his army to put down the rebellion, though he made one key mistake: He ordered everyone on the island killed. The slaughter did not just make martyrs out of the Free State, but inspired many other to consider an existence free of the Shogun.

Since that day, the Free State has lived on more or less in its present form: a disparate group of individuals united only in their desire to eliminate all heads of states. They go about this by working through various clandestine splinter groups. Publicly, none of these groups take claim for their actions. The Free State takes all the credit and the divert the heat.

The Free State is notorious for their use of poison. It is said that once you cross blades with the Free State, you’re already dead.

The Free State

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