Muspell is a region notable only in that it has served as Varangia’s punching bag for years now. The government was formerly a monarchy which consistently questioned and challenged its neighbors’ leaders, arguing that they had no divine right to rule and refusing to officially recognize them as nations. Pissing off Varangia, Helvett, and Umbria proved to be a poor decision and the nation suffered for years because of it.

Things changed when King Nicholay Romanov was overthrown in a bloody rebellion. He, his wife, his only son, and 3 of his 4 daughters were killed by his court wizard, Stanislav Sevastian, and his youngest daughter, Anastasia Romanov, after allowing rebel troops to breach their castle defenses. While Sevastian sought to avenge what he felt was a betrayal by his king, Anastasia simply read the writing on the wall an jumped on the rebel’s bandwagon.

Popular speculation puts Sevastian as the true brains behind the movement with Anastasia Romanov as the figurehead. Regardless of who is truly pulling the strings, Anastasia declared it illegal to worship any god besides Nethys, the God of Magic, and then promptly abolished the monarchy-styled government in favor of a new communist-styled one. Anastasia Romanov was named chairman with Sevastian taking the position of Vice-Chairman. They then began a campaign of prosecuting anyone and everyone who they felt stood against them.

While one might think these actions would divide the country, the peoples’ reaction was quite the opposite. After years of being drawn into pointless wars by their incompetent leadership, the people of Muspell finally felt that they had some say in their destiny. The religious conversion process went over smoothly as well following the release of a book written by Stanislav Sevastian called Sevastian’s Manifesto. In this book, Sevastian called for a national commitment to the study of magic, claiming that its widespread use would greatly benefit Muspell and elevate it above its Oceanic neighbors. While the latter part has yet to come to fruition, Muspell is for the first time in its existence not only respected, but feared by its neighbors, particularly its long time arch-nemesis Varangia.

Muspellians have tried to implement magic in all facets of life, including usage of technology. For this reason, they have some of the best tech in the region, only trailing the heavily industrialized Helvett. The land also boasts the largest reserve of oil which has not only boosted their technological prowess but has immensely improved its relations with Helvett, which now counts Muspell as an ally. This alliance is what has kept Varangian forces at bay as the vast majority of the oil rigs are located near the Varangia-Muspell border, tantalizingly resting just outside of Varangia’s reach.

The nation has had a rationing system in place for years in an attempt not only to promote responsibility but to keep its people fed and thus, contented. While this had been met with some resistance in its early incarnation, the recent global food shortage has left the country well stocked, which has greatly pleased its residents.

However, the emphasis on magic has left the populace in dire of need of cheap, non-magic weapons. With the arrival of the dragon and a war with Varangia seemingly inevitable, the people of Muspell are desperate to supply arms and armor before they truly need it.

Muspell is a particularly hot and volcanic region, making it a popular place for lizards, drakes, and wyverns. Some take the high number of draconic creatures as a sign that Muspell is the dragons’ ancestral home, a notion which Muspell promotes rather than refute.

They have a surplus of oil, magical items and services, and food though they are in need of weapons and armor.


Muspell has a population of


Chairman Anastasia Romanov, Vice Chairman Stanislav Sevastian


Artoria – Good

Vinlan – Poor

Varangia – On the Verge of War

Umbria – Poor

Helvett – Good

Volsung – Neutral


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