Session 6

Ray Vance, Victor Hernando Fortunato, and Pablo return to the city, meeting back up with Lieutenant Stanton, Porkrinds, Odo, and Tocatal. While they were away the city’s mayor, Fernando Venia, invited the Arisen to his home for a lavish dinner party.

Stanton frets about getting the Arisen looking as prim and proper as possible before accompanying them to the party. The group meets several rich and important locals but largely ignore them as they were handled poorly. They sit down for a meal but a minor incident occurs when Porkrinds refuses to say grace. Fortunately, the players force him to and a minor social crisis is averted.

After the meal, Venia invites them to his private chambers where the players find he has a harem set up. Fortunately for the players, this was handled poorly as well and Venia did not make them nearly uncomfortable enough so that they would simply want to take his job offer and leave. They negotiate a higher price, get half the money up front, and prepare for their assignment.

The job they were given is to investigate some trouble in the woods, possibly caused by a dragon, maybe even the dragon they are pursuing. Something burned a large swath of woods near the city limits and has been causing trouble for folk who work in the woods such as lumberjacks and rangers. Venia is aware of a witch living in the woods who he believes is responsible for the activity. He wants the party to fix the problem, presumably by killing the witch though as Venia clearly is not a good person, it is entirely evident that there is more going on.

But there isn’t. Not really, anyway.

The players enter the woods and after a few hours worth of travel, are completely lost. They stumble around lost in the woods for days, fending off attacks from wild creatures, hounded at night by mysterious magical forces, put on edge by Porkrinds’s constant whining and cowardice, and their supplies all but spent. When they finally reach a cottage, the first sign of civilization they have seen in about a week. They are unsure of whether or not this witch is responsible for their problems and if she is, they are unsure if they can beat her.

No, wait, that’s not how that happened at all. Whoops!

The players walk through the woods for about a day before meeting the witch who, while a tremendously annoying chav anarchist, is largely benign. The witch, named Sylvia, explains her situation to the party. She is a changeling in the traditional sense- no wait, I forgot to include that. Oops.

She is a person living in the woods for some strange reason and for no apparent reason was made protector of the forest by the fey who have no real connection to her whatsoever outside of the fact that they both live in the woods, which makes perfect sense considering how trustworthy they were towards the party in the previous session, right? Anyway, she reveals that it isn’t a dragon that is making problems but a drake, a smaller type of dragon. As the drake is an animal making residence in the forest, it is technically a creature of the forest and therefore, Sylvia cannot kill it without fear of retribution.

Fortunately, the party don’t have such limitations and really don’t care to stay much longer on this island so they are free to kill the drake and will likely be gone before the fey realize what happened. The party rests up and the next morning, Fortunato, Pablo, Tocatal, Odo, Ray, Porkrinds, and Sylvia set out to take on the ferocious and imposing drake.

Fortunately, this drake was really lame and gets thoroughly wrecked by the party who never even had to call in their higher-leveled back up, Sylvia. Good job, Forest Drake! A toast to you:

Once the killing blow is struck, the body slowly fades from existence, another detail I missed, and the party finds that some of their equipment has ascended, a process known as becoming dragon-forged. With their task completed and Sylvia as their guide out of the not so twisted forest, the party returns to the city for their cash reward.



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