Session 3

Fortunato and Tocatal fall through the rift, eventually coming out in a white room with black curtains. Inside the room is a busy man at a desk filling out paperwork. When they approach, he informs them that he will be giving a Survey to match them up with a pawn. After taking the survey, the Pawn Master gives them some information On Keeping a Pawn, then sends them back through the rift.

The two men find themselves back in the clearing joined by their two pawns, Pablo and Odo. Unfortunately, they see no sign of Raul anywhere. They search about for him and eventually discover him unconscious and captured by goblins. The party is able to successfully kill the goblins and save Raul, who really fucking sucks at not getting his ass kicked.

The party returns to the riftstone and find that the clearing is now occupied by blink dogs. The blink dog leader, Sage, approaches and reveals that he and his pack watch over the riftstone, realizing its significance. Unfortunately, the goblin population has gotten out of control and they were unable to protect the clearing. Having just reclaimed it, Sage is none too keen on letting the goblins take the land back.

The party agrees to help the blink dogs hold the fort against the goblin horde when they return later that night. They camp in the clearing and set up some traps when, sure enough, the goblins return, dragging a troll in tow. A battle breaks out with the party emerging victorious and successfully burning the trolls remains, preventing it from regenerating.

Fortunato, Tocatal, Pablo, Odo, and Raul all return to town the next morning, finding that a Varangian airship, the Zephyr, had come in the previous night. A town meeting is being held on the parade grounds so the party shows up to see what is happening.

They arrive to find the Captain of the airship Zephyr and most beautiful woman in the world, Elaudia Bautista, speaking to the people of Driftwood. She reveals that she and her men are part of the newly formed Wyrm Hunt Wyrm Hunt which has just been authorized by the Varangian Minister of War. Unfortunately, the crew had just been heading home from a long range scouting mission when they were reassigned, so they are out of supplies and will be taking what they need from the people of Driftwood. However, as an olive branch, Bautista promises that the Varangian government will be sending the best healer they can find to treat any and all injuries sustained from the dragon’s attack. She also reveals that this means the popular and beloved Garbanzo will make a full recovery and will soon be able to resume his usual pantsing duties, a revelation which garners applause and support from the crowd.

Bautista then asks the crowd for any people who had been physically touched by the dragon to come up and talk with her. Immediately, Porkrind rushes up and declares that he was touched by the dragon. After some discussion, Bautista names Porkrind and official member of the Wyrm Hunt and gives him a white cloak with black emblem of a dragon on the back. Tocatal soon approaches her as well and receives the same honor.

Fortunato, however, is not so quick to approach as he hates the Varangian military. He decides to talk with his mentor, Sergio Vargos Regal, before taking any overt actions.



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