Session 1

The men awake the next morning to the sound of the town bell ringing, summoning the local militia to the parade grounds. The two men report for duty and are soon attacked by a fire-breathing dragon!

The dragon attacks, wounding several of the other men before focusing on Fortunato and Tocatal. Tocatal bravely and gallantly tries to climb the dragon’s head, punching the dragon in the eye. Unfortunately, this does nothing except get Tocatal impaled through his back, his heart torn out and eaten by the dragon. Fortunato tries to talk with the dragon but only manages to delay his fate. He kisses the dragon before it stabs him in the chest, taking his heart as well.

To their great surprise, the two men awake the next day, somehow alive despite missing their hearts. They overhear a conversation between Cortese and Reynard discussing their strange condition. They soon learn that they are now Arisen, people chosen by the dragon. It seems that their purpose is to fight the dragon for possession of their hearts, though they are unsure of exactly why.

While learning of their new responsibilities, they also learn that Arisen are the only people who can control pawns. These pawns are interdimensional space travelers with no will of their own. They can be summoned through riftstones and, fortunately for our two heroes, there just so happens to be one on the island of Driftwood, sitting atop the mountain in the center of the island.

The two men find an Elven Ranger named Raul who is hanging out at Inez’s alehouse, drinking and wasting away the day. They ask him to help bring them to the riftstone and he agrees. The three of them decide on climbing up the rocky side of the mountain, which is quicker but leaves them exposed to all kinds of airborne threats. The three men decide that this shouldn’t be an issue and make their way up the rock face.

Unfortunately, they were wrong and it was, in fact, an issue as they are attacked by harpies. The beasts attack Raul, who turns out to really fucking suck at his job, and nearly kills him before turning their attention on Fortunato. It isn’t long before Fortunato is down and out as well.

The good news is that Tocatal went beast-mode and beat back the attackers. Fortunato, though badly wounded, regains consciousness. The three men are left on a literal cliff hanger, with Raul’s life in peril.



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