Adventure log has been updated to Session 8.

I am going to be adding new stuff involving what will hopefully be the next stop in our campaign: Muspell. I’m drawing some inspiration from Soviet Russia because that’s what everyone seems to do when they feature something based on the Russians. I will also try and discover what goods are more/less valuable so anyone who rolls well enough on a check can do some good old fashioned trading. Buy low, sell high.

Notes on GMing

I should also note that the setting was created specifically for self-contained adventures. Obviously, large plot-related events will have an impact but for the most part, each island has its own set of issues, characters, level of technology and wealth, and culture from the others. Think of them as thousands of tiny British colonies at the height of the empire. They are united under a common government, share similar political systems, but are largely different places.

This means that any player who wants to GM a session or two should have the leeway to do basically whatever they want. For example, players can stumble upon a Roman-style temple built for a previously unheard of religion while exploring the Varangian empire if the GM wants.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that anyone who wants to take over GM duties for a few sessions can. Go ahead.


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