Oceania is a tropical region located near the equator. It is a collection of 7,107 of islands with a population of 98,215,000. There are 7 major empires in the region all based around trade: Varangia, Muspell, Vinlan, Umbria, Artoria, Helvett, and Volsung.

Oceanic Trade Empires


Varangia is a grouping of islands located in the Southwest of the Oceania region. Culturally, they have Spanish names and follow the Spanish naming convention.


Located East of Varangia, Muspell is a particularly hot and volcanic region. They have a long history of conflicts and wars with Varangia. Their names are Russian.


Vinlan sits on Varangia’s Northern border. The two nations share a peaceful relationship and a hatred for Muspell. They have French names.


Artoria is located in the Northeast of Oceania, North of Vinlan. They have English-style names.


Umbria is a nation with a turbulent past. Sharing a border with Artoria, Vinlan, Muspell, Helvett, and Volsung, Umbria has been embroiled in multiple conflicts with each of its neighbors over the years, resulting in a weakened and war-torn nation. As a whole, the nation tends to have an inferiority complex. Their names are Greek.


Located North of Muspell and East of Umbria, Helvett is a heavily industrialized group of islands. They have German names.


One of the oldest and most storied of the Oceanic Trade Empires, Volsung has stagnated and is slowly dying. The Empire is ruled by King Sigurd, an Arisen. The names are Norse and follow the Norse naming convention.



Driftwood is a piece of shit fishing village. All the people there are dummies and worship Garbanzo, the Dwarven god of pantsing.


Granpueblo is a busy trading town located to the North of Driftwood. It is essentially the last major trade stop between the capital and the Southeast border.


A small town located near Granpueblo, Taromina is no bigger than a handful of houses by the sea. They have had some issues with animal attacks and offered a bounty for the head of whatever has been harassing them which is posted in Granpueblo’s animal control office.


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