Order of the Balanced Blade

The Order of the Balanced Blade is a religious organization led by Commander Michael Tolivesa. Michael and his son, Bret, who is also his second in command, are the only ones with the power to remove members from the Order.

The Order is dedicated to maintaining balance in the world and as an organization, believes in balance in all things. They stay awake for 12 hours and sleep for 12, eat 4 meals a day of equal proportion, force themselves to become ambidextrous, and try to balance equal parts virtue and vice.

The organization is associated with some extreme behavior. For example, all members are required to have both a husband and a wife. If a member is to lose a limb or a digit, they are forced to remove the counterpart on the opposite side of the body. Members of the order are not allowed to part their hair to a particular side and any sideburns must be trimmed to equal length. They view anyone with heterochromia as possessed by demons and will kill them on sight.

There had been a controversy in the past where one member of the order suggested that for them to maintain balance in all things, they must remain moderate in moderation, occasionally dipping into extreme behavior. He was named a Saint and a heretic, then executed but left listed as living in public records.

The Order is notorious for threatening various nations with all out war but these threats are rarely taken seriously for one particular reason: the Order must maintain an equal amount of causalities, killing a member of their Order for each enemy slain.

Suicide is taken as a particularly grave sin as it removes a life from the world without adding one. To rectify this, the Order employs necromancers to raise suiciders from the grave so they can then reproduce.

Members of the Order are given two blades, one that exists in the physical realm and another that resides in their heart. However, the Order believes in passive resistance so they are wont to use them. Raising a blade against another man is tantamount to suicide due to their beliefs. For this reason, they often have their blades bound by peace bonds, which prevent them from effectively drawing their weapon in anger. They are only allowed to wear armor for a time equal to the amount that they are not wearing armor. For this reason, members of the order are proficient in eating, sowing, using the restroom, taking a shower, engaging in intercourse, and writing while wearing full plate and gauntlets.

Paladins of the order are not allowed to detect or smite evil unless they can also detect or smite good. No evil dictator can be deposed without first removing a good king. They hate neutrality as it makes things uneven so members of the Order tend to view it with equal parts reverence and disgust.

Order of the Balanced Blade

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