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Food shortage!

Fishing hauls have been down all throughout Oceania, destabilizing the local ecosystem. As a result, prices for food has increased. While food stores are preventing a famine, the supplies are dwindling, causing unease in the region and stress on inter-empire relationships, fearing a second Famine War.

Privateers and Piracy

Pirate activity has seen a recent surge along the border of Varangia and Muspell. While neither side officially has admitted it, both nations have been making use of corsairs to steal supplies and generally disrupt the peace in the region. Many fear that this is just a precursor to war between the two empires. Following the appearance of the dragon, there have been multiple sightings of the feared pirate Surtain. Scores of veteran seamen and raiders from Volsung have migrated to the region, hoping for work.

A Disturbance of the Peace…

The dragon’s recent arrival has coincided with an upswing in monster activity. Creatures have generally become more aggressive and are going so far as to enter small towns. Experts are unsure of what exactly is causing this though popular speculation points to the recent food shortage. Others have said that the creatures have simply become more territorial, though this is largely dismissed as no causality for this phenomenon has been found.

Butthurt Eternal

The dragon’s appearance has captivated the people of Varangia’s attention, making headlines and serving as a conversation topic all across the region. As a reports have trickled in, the population has made made note of one detail in particular: the dragon apparently crossed over into Varangia from Muspellian airspace. With relations between Varangia and Muspell quickly souring, Varangians are quick to pounce on any opportunity to dump on their Eastern neighbors. Many Varangians believe that the dragon was driven into Varangia by Muspell military forces and that its trek through the country was entirely spurred on by this fact. Some see the trail of destruction left by the dragon has Muspell’s responsibility, hoping that their nation to attain some degree of retribution.

Local Events

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