Deremahodon's Contract

Tessael Deremahodon, Fortunato, Ray Vance, Snorri Godi, and Gwendolyn Miller are all legally bound to the terms of this contract.

“Section 1: Preamble-

We, the undersigned, do hereby pledge ourselves as lawful servants of Tessael Deremahodon until the conditions of this contract have been fulfilled. We pledge that we will act to the best of our abilities to diligently carry out the conditions outlined in Section 2 (Duties) of this contract. We absolve Tessael Deremahodon of any responsibility for death or injury that may be incurred while carrying out these duties. We are authorized to use Tessael Deremahodon’s skiff, the Plump Winnie, solely in the pursuit of these duties. If the conditions of the duties outlined in Section 2 are all met, then we are entitled to the rewards outlined in Section 3 (Rewards). If the duties in Section 2 are not fulfilled, then we forfeit all items recovered from the island as well as the entitlement to all rewards outlined in Section 3. After completion of the duties outlined in Section 2, the undersigned shall be no longer considered lawful servants of Tessael Deremahodon and will no longer be allowed to act as legal executors of his will.

Section 2: Duties-

1. We, the undersigned, shall enter the Agathanglemos Abbey and recover as many items of value as we can successfully recover.

2. We also will recover a small golden statue (five inches tall, four inches wide, and one and one half inches thick) depicting a man with the head of a bird.

3. We will give every single item recovered from the island to Tessael Deremahodon immediately upon our return.

4. We will return to Tessael Deremahodon as soon as we are reasonably able to.

5. We will seek to fulfill this contract with the help of anybody other than those of us undersigned, nor will we allow such persons to recover items from the island with our knowledge.

6. If any of us choose to contest the appraisal of the value of the items recovered from the island, then we will share responsibility with Tessael Deremahodon in finding and establishing a committee of no less than three impartial appraisers who will form an agreement on the market value of each of the items. Any fees required by this committee shall be provided equally from Tessael Deremahodon and the undersigned. If this fee cannot be paid by any of the involved parties within ten days, then their grievance shall be immediately withdrawn.

Section 3: Rewards-

1. We will be given 500 standard gold pieces, paid by Tessael Deremahodon.

2. 30% of the profit from the sale of items recovered from the island (with the exception of the statue described in Section 2, Article 2) will be allocated as fees for Duke Fernando Vena. The remaining 70% will be split in half to be divided equally between Tessael Deremahodon and the undersigned.

3. The undersigned will be allowed to pick one item each which shall be exchanged for its appraised value in gold. All further items which the undersigned wish to keep may also be exchanged, but only with the approval of Tessael Deremahodon.

We sign this contract in good faith and agree to its terms and conditions.

I, Tessael Deremahodon, agree to bind myself to the terms of this contract and officially recognize the abovesigned as my servants and legal executors of my will.”

Deremahodon's Contract

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