This story begins in the small fishing village of Driftwood, located on the Southern reaches of the Varangian Trade Empire. Two men, Victor Hernando Fortunato and Itzomaltocatal Chimahuazlili Acapalpitzin Keeper of the House of Darkness and Second Zlontlital of the Order of the Jaguar Warriors, have been summoned by the local militia to perform their monthly drills.

Upon arriving on the parade grounds, they are nearly pantsed by Garbanzo, a lovable Dwarven rogue who is beloved by all, especially Victor. Soon after, they are greeted by the village chief, Cortese,who gives them their first orders as militia men: find Porkrinds and get his ass to the parade grounds!

After entering his home and nearly being knocked cold by the Itis, the two men drag Porkrinds back to the parade grounds. They perform their drills dutifully and join the rest of the men at Inez’s alehouse where they meet a Helvettan merchant named Reynard. The merchant has fallen on tough times and attempts to sell some items to the party but they have fallen on even tougher times, it seems. Reynard expresses his desire to leave the island behind.

The two men leave the bar and return to their homes, completely unaware of the events that will soon follow.


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