Victor Hernando Fortunato

A small town fisherman with big dreams.


Victor Hernando Fortunato lived all his life in the small town of Driftwood. He comes from a family of fisherman and before leaving on the Wyrm Hunt was working with his Father and Sergio Vargos Regal on the family boat which Sergio supplied them. Prior to taking on a new boat Fortunatos Fish had been experiencing a streak of misfortune. Business was very slow. Their previous boat had been continually taking on damages and becoming unusable. The Fish Famine had already put a monetary strain on the Fortunatos, but having to constantly upkeep their only real source of income was putting them in debt.

Sergio found himself in Driftwood five years ago after a local dueling tournament on a nearby island. Looking to settle down somewhere for a time, he met and struck up a partnership with Alejandro Fortunato Ruiz, Victor’s father. While working together Victor took a shining to Sergio and was enamored by his stories of duels and adventures at sea. Over the years Sergio would take Victor with him to local dueling tournaments. Victor fell in love with the lifestyle and the extravagant lifestyle he was surrounded with. On one of their trip Victor had a chance encounter with the Duke of Granpueblo, Fernando Venia. He aired his concerns of the military ships continually commandeering supplies from Driftwood and the the Duke needed to do something about the impact it was having on the town. The Duke, of course, brushed him off and went on his way. Fortunato was not pleased by this and enhanced his already growing despise of the Military and Government.

Over the years Victor has been meeting with Sergio to practice swordplay in the mornings before embarking on their day’s fishing trip. Victor was a fast learning and natural duelist which encouraged Sergio to take him on a somewhat dangerous mission over sea. They managed to make a decent amount of gold on the trip and Victor was given an equal share. From then on he had the acquired the adventuring bug. He used his money to buy his family a boat and himself a nice nice golden suit and foppish hat.

Then a dragon stole his heart.

Victor Hernando Fortunato

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