Shui Lan

A booze-brewing monk from the East.


Shui Lan was once the only son of a noble family in NOT-CHINA. Unfortunately, his family was overthrown by some DOUCHEBAG. He was a child at the time, unable to care for himself, so he sought shelter with the Tongmenghui, a group of monks famous for their alcohol and willingness to take in displaced persons.

During the decade or so Shui Lan was with the Tongmenghui, he picked up a multitude of skills. He practiced control over his body and emotions through martial arts and meditation. He learned how to harvest plants and brew them into toxins from his time in the brewery. He learned how to be persuasive by preaching the faith, learning the lingo of the streets. In exchange for his loyalty and dedication to his order, the Tongmenghui decided to let Shui Lan in on a secret: The order is actually a front for The Free State, a group of anarchists dedicated to murdering world leaders and disrupting governmental powers. What a tweest!

In his heart of hearts, Shui Lan had always believed that he would leave the Tongmenghui and reclaim his family’s position. Obviously, seizing political powers would directly oppose the goals of his organization, but deposing the very lord that stole his title without claiming it for himself is just downright wasteful.

Thankfully, after much internal debate, Shui Lan was able to come upon a solution: He would use his contacts in the Free State to assassinate DOUCHEBAG, then seize the position of Daimyo for himself. In the years leading up to this eventual takeover, he would dedicate himself to learning the Tongmenghui’s assassination tactics, as well as ingesting small amounts of poisons to build up an immunity, all the while building a network of connections. Once DOUCHEBAG is out of the way and Shui Lan is Daimyo, he can use his knowledge of the Tongmenghui and the Free State to take the groups down. At this point he would be functionally immune to poisoning, so he would be able to survive long enough to accomplish this goal.

Dedicating himself fully to the Tongmenghui, Shui Lan quickly rose in favor. Seeking to test their rising star, the Tongmenghui gave Shui Lan his first assignment: Travel to the World Games and return with the head of a world leader.

Shui Lan

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