Gwendolyn Miller

A travelling merchant with a stolen cart and mysterious past.


Gwendolyn Miller is a merchant who travels far from her homeland of Artoria to sell her cart full of goods to anyone with enough gold pieces to buy them. She left behind her father, John Miller, and her grandmother, Lavinia Patterson, to make money for herself in the world beyond the small farmhouse she grew up on.

She has dark brown, shoulder length hair. Her eyes are pale green and sharp. She is average height, at 5’4’’, and fairly thin at 120 pounds. She is always seen wearing a long burgundy dress underneath a fitted breastplate. She is known by her customers to have a fierce temper when the asking price is too low. She is also very good at getting more gp than an item is worth, due to her persuasive lying and careful use of intimidation.

Her cart of goods was recently taken from her in Varangia. She went to buy herself some gauntlets at the market, leaving her cart in the care of the other merchants she had been traveling with. When she returned from shopping (finding nothing she liked), her cart was gone. Left on the ground where her cart was only 10 minutes ago was a piece of paper. On this paper was a crude sketch of what appeared to be a man with the head of a bird and backwards facing hands. When Gwendolyn questioned the other merchants, they claimed that they had seen her leave with the cart just moments ago. Taken aback, Gwendolyn fled the area and ran into Tessael Deremahodon, a fellow merchant she had seen often during her travels. He offered her a way to make enough gp to buy a new cart and new goods to sell. She did not realize how dangerous this would be, and being stuck with two seemingly unprofessional men and an awkward half-elf for the journey did not help.

Gwendolyn Miller

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