Session 8

The party decides to press onwards, entering the abbey itself. They run into several groups of rope monkeys including one particularly disgusting one with large breasts that flopped about and absorbed a great deal of blows from the party. The party found item after item, some significantly more valuable and useful than others, before finally coming upon a closed door.

After negotiating with the golem guarding the door, they made their way into a backroom where they found some smelly-ass armor as well as the statue they were looking for.

The statue had some sort of evil aura about them and effected all but Ray Vance, who used his amazing super cool Paladin skills to remain as pure as the freshly driven snow. After placing the item in the bag provided to them by Tessael, the party debated what to do with it.

Some felt it should remain locked away on the island while others felt that if they could infiltrate the dungeon, there were surely others who could as well if hired by Tessael and the item would be safest in the party’s possession.

The party agreed to take the item and returned to the Plump Winnie, heading back to Gran Pueblos. However, on their return, they are stopped by a Varangian navy vessel and ordered to surrender their items. Ray, in a most unpaladin-like move, decides to unleash the power of the artifact.

Chaos ensues with shots going off, people diving overboard, cannons being fired, and sails being rent. The interceptor’s cannons backfire, leading to a fire which ignites the powder stores, blowing the Varangian ship into pieces. The party takes the opportunity to flee, grabbing several sailors and bringing them along.

They reach the island and ultimately decide to travel to Gran Pueblos to confront Tessael in hopes of finding out what exactly is going on and what the significance of this artifact is. The group and Tessael meet with the Duke, who vouches for for the fact that Tessael did receive his approval to loot the abbey.

The Duke is curious as to what happened to a Varangian Navy interceptor that was destroyed on a patrol near the abbey and if the party is aware of what happened to it. Snorri quickly namedrops the only person he could think of who would be brazen enough to attack a military vessel outside of another military ship: the pirate Surtain.

Seemingly satisfied, the party continues to push for information as to why Venia allowed Tessael permission to loot the island and why he is so eager to allow this man to take possession of a clearly evil artifact. As the conversation progresses, they learn that they had inadvertently sold their souls to a demon and that Venia had as well.

Eager not to spend an eternity in hell or, in the case of Snorri, not wanting to be beholden to a pact signed by a powerful shape-shifting wizard, the party hands over the items with the exception of their one personal item allowed to them by the contract, releasing themselves from Tessael’s servitude.

The group then attacks, hoping to kill the demon while Snorri stubbornly holds fast to his personal religious beliefs. They come close to killing Tessael but he ultimately escapes, bringing an uneasy conclusion to the whole affair.



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