Session 7

Tocatal, Odo, and Stanton attend to some pressing affair presumably involving Porkrinds and Sylvia as they are apparently disposed of as well. Whatever the issue was, Fortunato deemed it necessary to donate Pablo, who would follow Tocatal’s commands as he is an Arisen, to help the cause.

Fortunato and Ray Vance mill about for a bit before being approached by a strange man calling himself Waldomar Stratton. A suspicious looking figure as his face was hidden by armor, Stratton tells them of a possible work assignment, promising them gold in return. Seeing as the Varangian navy apparently pays jack shit for wages, they agree.

The two men are awaiting their contact at the bar when they are approached by a man calling himself Snorri Godi and his dog, Sam. Snorri also was offered the assignment by Stratton and agreed to pitch in seeing as he was in desperate need of money. Soon the man behind the clandestine meeting, Tessael Deremahodon, approaches the three men with a woman, Gwendolyn Miller, in tow.

Deremahodon reveals that he has received permission from local leader Fernando Venia to run an expedition to search and loot Agathanglemos Abbey. While the party would be entitled to a portion of the spoils, the main goal of the expedition is to obtain a golden statue that the Venia apparently is interested in. However, they must first sign a contract which stipulates the exact terms of the agreement and legally recognizes the party as servants of Deremahodon, allowing them to be covered by the special permission given to Deremahodon to loot the abbey.

The man gives the party Deremahodon’s Contract to look over and, after reading it, they all ultimately agree and sign on. Before they leave, Snorri asks to put an arcane mark on the members of the part so that his god will protect them on their journey. All but Gwendolyn refuse. The party boards Deremahodon’s skiff, the Plump Winnie, and set off to the island on which the Abbey is situated.

Things go poorly the moment the party arrives. As they enter a cove, the ship is attacked by enormous dragonflies which nearly drag Snorri off. Fortunately, Snorri was blessed with the ability to make himself enormous so the creatures ultimately failed in their endeavors, killed off by the rest of his party.

The party goes deeper on to the island where they are then attacked by some stealthy mantises. Fortunato and Snorri are trashed but the other two clean up nicely. The party then continues on through the woods without further incident, eventually coming up on the Abbey.

After entering the party is attacked by monkeys with a penchant for autoerotic asphyxiation. After an hour of debating as to whether or not Ray was aroused by their kinky rope skills, the battle resumes. Snorri succeeds in body-slamming two monkeys to death, decapitating another with a lightning strike, and providing Fortunato with a piggy-back ride.

The party recollects themselves for a moment, then decides on what to do next. Meanwhile, Fortunato decides whether or not to circumvent his contract.



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