Session 4

Fortunato speaks with Regal who reveals that he actually knows Bautista from the time when they were both part of the Varangian dueling team at the World Sport Tournaments. Regal tells Fortunato that Bautista is an excellent swordswoman and an honorable person. Fortunato ultimately decides that he will tell Bautista that he is an Arisen and join the Wyrm Hunt.

The party boards the ship were they are introduced to several other members of the crew. They meet Lieutenant Giancarlo Stanton, who is second in command, as well as several officers who teach them various airship operational skills.

Odo and Pablo are assigned to work under the head engineer, a half-orc named Jose Iglesias. Fortunato meets the top gun-esque pilot, Leonardo Inigo, while Tocatal studies under the condescending half-elf navigator named Dora Merlo.

After a hard day of work, the Arisen go to sleep in their private quarters and are soon subject to some good ol’ fashioned military-style hazing. Porkrind is given the once over but his squeals don’t wake the others. Tocatal is caught sleeping and Iglesias puts shaving cream on his hand, then tickles his face, causing Tocatal to smear shaving cream all over his face. Tocatal uses this opportunity to shave.

When the hazers move to the next room, they find Fortunato and Pablo practicing dueling and sipping wine. They quietly close the door and leave.

The next day, Bautista summons the crew and informs them that they are coming upon a group of small islands. She is planning on splitting up the crew into teams and sending them out to gather information on the dragon and find out whether or not it had passed this way.

Bautista puts the Arisen and their pawns on a team lead by Lieutenant Stanton and drops them off at the largest trade city in the region, Granpueblo. The Zephyr lands at the docks and puts on a grand show, Bautista announcing to all that gather that the men accompanying her are Arisen and are on the lookout for the dragon. She informs anyone with information to contact either the Arisen or Lieutenant Stanton, then departs.

The Arisen talk to the various merchants and Tocatal eventually ends up placing a bet on himself to win a race. He rolls a natural 20 on his race challenge which, combined with his already above average speed, means that he absolutely demolishes his competition.



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