Session 2

Fortunato and Tocatal are able to nurse Raul back to consciousness, though the party has taken a serious beating at the hands of the harpies. Fortunately, Raul happens to have several flasks of water filled with water from a healing spring which allows the men to recover. They finish their climb, reaching the top of the mountain!

Raul leads them to the riftstone but finds that the area has been taken over by a gaggle of goblins who worship the stone as some sort of religious symbol. A goblin patrol stumbles on the men but they are able to kill the gobos before they alert any more of the massive horde hanging out in the clearing.

Seeing how he is a Ranger, a master of forestry and at home in such an environment, Raul decides that he will intentionally draw the ire of the goblin pack, leaving the riftstone open for the Arisen to approach while he leads the foe on a wild goose chase. Realizing that Raul is completely incompetent but not wanting to search for another solution, Fortunato and Tocatal agree.

Raul leads the goblins away and the two men approach. After touching the riftstone, the two men are pulled into the Rift.



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