Session 10

The crew went to a magical college and got attacked by gargoyles. Nobody wrote a session summary for this and, being a full year later, I don’t recall much of what happened. Someone mentioned a sphinx at some point? Either way, this session happened and it seemed to be a good time. Alas, it will fall to the wayside if we ever pick this up again. Because we can’t remember shit. Unlike the other sessions, for which I took copious notes and wrote long-winded reviews.

Session 9
Sometimes, Evil has Returned...

Everyone’s favorite Elven airship Captain, Elaudia Bautista, makes her triumphant return. After some discussion with Gwendolyn Miller, Bautista decides to bring the merchant on board to take the over the role previously held by Reynard, who has abandoned the group.

Bautista then recruits Ray Vance to the Wyrm Hunt. Soon after officially bringing Ray into the fold, she introduces the party to another recent recruit to the Hunt, a supposed expert on dragons. The party is then soon reintroduced to Snorri Godi, who had met up with Bautista earlier in the day. While the party is getting their affairs in order, The Zephyr is given a new paint job to cover up any Varangian naval markings and a knorr, the Obese Gertrude, is strapped onto the bottom of the ship.

The party boards the ship, reuniting Victor Hernando Fortunato and Itzomaltocoatl Chimahuazlili Acapalpitzin Keeper of the House of Darkness and Second Zlontlital of the Order of the Jaguar Warriors together at long last!

While on board the ship, Bautista decides to blow off a little steam by sparring with Fortunato. After defeating him in a single move, Bautista offers to train with Fortunato, who then reminds her that training was part of his original agreement, though that conversation felt as though it had occurred months ago.

Chief Engineer Jose Iglesias approaches the Arisen and asks them to help him with hazing the new crew members. Being a massive bitch, Fortunato declines but Tocoatal agrees, joining forces with Iglesias and Lieutenant Giancarlo Stanton to break in the new members. Being a massive bitch with a heart of gold, Fortunato warns Ray Vance and Snorri Godi of their nefarious plots and plans.

The three conspirators run their hazing attempt that night but are foiled by the fact that Ray Vance is too legit to sleep and was watching over Snorri. Tocoatal and Ray wrestle and end up spilling a bottle of Bautista’s lavender perfume all over themselves.

With that attempt ending in failure, Tocoatal decides to take a crack at Gwendolyn. He hides out in the toilet and sticks his head out when Gwen enters the restroom. This attempt is largely successful and at least one member of the new trio is given a proper Varangian military welcome. Good job, Tocoatal!

The following day, Bautista finally tells the party what is going on: the party will be crossing over the Muspellian border to investigate a possible connection between the Muspell government, the dragon and its appearance, and the pirate Surtain. They will be going undercover as a mercenary group, The Black Dragons to try and get to the bottom of the situation. While they are doing this Stanton will run a scouting mission aboard the Zephyr as well as babysit Porkrinds, who will surely be useless on an undercover mission.

First, however, the crew has to worry about penetrating the Muspell border. On a previous scouting run, the crew of the Zephyr discovered a magic alarm system codenamed The Chain which protects the border between Muspell and Varangia. The Chain is capable of detecting not only objects crossing over but the relative size of the objects of well, which is partially the reason why they suspect Surtain is actually a corsair employed by Muspell. Fortunately, the Chain has a major flaw: it is only really effective if the people you are trying to keep out aren’t aware of it. If one link in the chain is severed, the whole thing falls apart.

Bautista decides that the best way of doing this is to insert a team on one of the many oil rigs that host the focusing crystals required to operate the Chain.

As these oil rigs are horrible places to live and work, they are crewed by the most undesirable criminal scum. If the crew works and reaches their quota for oil, the team that comes to collect will drop off a supply of food. If they don’t, they die and are replaced by another group. The team’s objective is to kill everyone aboard the rig, giving the impression of a riot breaking out and a fight between factions. As crude is highly combustible, it is entirely feasible for it to light in the chaos if one group felt the need to for leverage or whatever reason. Igniting the oil would melt the crystals, disabling the Chain network and allowing the Zephyr to pass through undetected.

The crew goes about their business, allowing no survivors, and pass through the border with no incident. As they reach a reasonable rowing distance from the island of Kiev, the Zephyr drops off the Obese Gertrude with a crew consisting of both Arisen and their pawns, Ray, Snorri, Gwendolyn, and Bautista, who is no pretending to be a burnt, mute mercenary named Scorch. As they are approaching the island, a sudden fog rolls in and the party hears a woman’s voice asking for help. Snorri uncharacteristically asks that they simply leave her and after some discussion, the party agrees.

As it turns out, Snorri’s metagame knowledge was completely correct as it is the sea monster Scylla, the very one that attacked his ship! She gives pursuit but the party is able to paddle to shallow water quickly enough to escape her wrath, for now.

While the party looks about Kiev for clues, they are accosted by a book peddler who claims to have some information on the dragon. He claims to be a part of a secret society that is hated in hunted by an intolerant Muspellian government. He asks that they meet him at the catacombs outside of town that night for an initiation meeting.

Suspecting the worse, the party naturally agrees to meeting with him. They arrive and overhear him giving some generic evil speech about chaos and shit, revealing that the cult views the dragon as a god and the Arisen as their priests. As they approach the gathering room, they notice that it is full of people, listening intently to his speech.

After talking to the man, he begins to become more and more aggressive before outright naming Fortunato as an Arisen, recognizing him by… Something? I don’t know, he recognizes them though! Yep! Don’t question it, homey.

Anyway, he requests the books that Ray and Fortunato took from him before. That’s approximately the time that the party realizes they are in a room surrounded by skellingtons! 2spooky!

The party agrees to return the books to him and leave to go fetch them. Having only a few of the books on them personally, they decide to mix those with some fake books. They gather the rest of the party, including Bautista, and return to the catacombs, expecting the man to not only still be there for whatever reason but for him not to take any precautions against a possible double-cross. Inexplicably, the man is in fact there despite telling them to simply leave the books, though he did take some precautions.

The party enters and finds a tabard hanging up against the wall. After investigating the tabard, they realize that one of the ropes wasn’t actually attached to anything. The man from earlier, The Librarian, emerges from his pocket dimension, laughs like a cartoon villain, and disappears through a series of quick teleports, leaving the party enraged and feeling cheated.

Session 8

The party decides to press onwards, entering the abbey itself. They run into several groups of rope monkeys including one particularly disgusting one with large breasts that flopped about and absorbed a great deal of blows from the party. The party found item after item, some significantly more valuable and useful than others, before finally coming upon a closed door.

After negotiating with the golem guarding the door, they made their way into a backroom where they found some smelly-ass armor as well as the statue they were looking for.

The statue had some sort of evil aura about them and effected all but Ray Vance, who used his amazing super cool Paladin skills to remain as pure as the freshly driven snow. After placing the item in the bag provided to them by Tessael, the party debated what to do with it.

Some felt it should remain locked away on the island while others felt that if they could infiltrate the dungeon, there were surely others who could as well if hired by Tessael and the item would be safest in the party’s possession.

The party agreed to take the item and returned to the Plump Winnie, heading back to Gran Pueblos. However, on their return, they are stopped by a Varangian navy vessel and ordered to surrender their items. Ray, in a most unpaladin-like move, decides to unleash the power of the artifact.

Chaos ensues with shots going off, people diving overboard, cannons being fired, and sails being rent. The interceptor’s cannons backfire, leading to a fire which ignites the powder stores, blowing the Varangian ship into pieces. The party takes the opportunity to flee, grabbing several sailors and bringing them along.

They reach the island and ultimately decide to travel to Gran Pueblos to confront Tessael in hopes of finding out what exactly is going on and what the significance of this artifact is. The group and Tessael meet with the Duke, who vouches for for the fact that Tessael did receive his approval to loot the abbey.

The Duke is curious as to what happened to a Varangian Navy interceptor that was destroyed on a patrol near the abbey and if the party is aware of what happened to it. Snorri quickly namedrops the only person he could think of who would be brazen enough to attack a military vessel outside of another military ship: the pirate Surtain.

Seemingly satisfied, the party continues to push for information as to why Venia allowed Tessael permission to loot the island and why he is so eager to allow this man to take possession of a clearly evil artifact. As the conversation progresses, they learn that they had inadvertently sold their souls to a demon and that Venia had as well.

Eager not to spend an eternity in hell or, in the case of Snorri, not wanting to be beholden to a pact signed by a powerful shape-shifting wizard, the party hands over the items with the exception of their one personal item allowed to them by the contract, releasing themselves from Tessael’s servitude.

The group then attacks, hoping to kill the demon while Snorri stubbornly holds fast to his personal religious beliefs. They come close to killing Tessael but he ultimately escapes, bringing an uneasy conclusion to the whole affair.

Session 7

Tocatal, Odo, and Stanton attend to some pressing affair presumably involving Porkrinds and Sylvia as they are apparently disposed of as well. Whatever the issue was, Fortunato deemed it necessary to donate Pablo, who would follow Tocatal’s commands as he is an Arisen, to help the cause.

Fortunato and Ray Vance mill about for a bit before being approached by a strange man calling himself Waldomar Stratton. A suspicious looking figure as his face was hidden by armor, Stratton tells them of a possible work assignment, promising them gold in return. Seeing as the Varangian navy apparently pays jack shit for wages, they agree.

The two men are awaiting their contact at the bar when they are approached by a man calling himself Snorri Godi and his dog, Sam. Snorri also was offered the assignment by Stratton and agreed to pitch in seeing as he was in desperate need of money. Soon the man behind the clandestine meeting, Tessael Deremahodon, approaches the three men with a woman, Gwendolyn Miller, in tow.

Deremahodon reveals that he has received permission from local leader Fernando Venia to run an expedition to search and loot Agathanglemos Abbey. While the party would be entitled to a portion of the spoils, the main goal of the expedition is to obtain a golden statue that the Venia apparently is interested in. However, they must first sign a contract which stipulates the exact terms of the agreement and legally recognizes the party as servants of Deremahodon, allowing them to be covered by the special permission given to Deremahodon to loot the abbey.

The man gives the party Deremahodon’s Contract to look over and, after reading it, they all ultimately agree and sign on. Before they leave, Snorri asks to put an arcane mark on the members of the part so that his god will protect them on their journey. All but Gwendolyn refuse. The party boards Deremahodon’s skiff, the Plump Winnie, and set off to the island on which the Abbey is situated.

Things go poorly the moment the party arrives. As they enter a cove, the ship is attacked by enormous dragonflies which nearly drag Snorri off. Fortunately, Snorri was blessed with the ability to make himself enormous so the creatures ultimately failed in their endeavors, killed off by the rest of his party.

The party goes deeper on to the island where they are then attacked by some stealthy mantises. Fortunato and Snorri are trashed but the other two clean up nicely. The party then continues on through the woods without further incident, eventually coming up on the Abbey.

After entering the party is attacked by monkeys with a penchant for autoerotic asphyxiation. After an hour of debating as to whether or not Ray was aroused by their kinky rope skills, the battle resumes. Snorri succeeds in body-slamming two monkeys to death, decapitating another with a lightning strike, and providing Fortunato with a piggy-back ride.

The party recollects themselves for a moment, then decides on what to do next. Meanwhile, Fortunato decides whether or not to circumvent his contract.

Session 6

Ray Vance, Victor Hernando Fortunato, and Pablo return to the city, meeting back up with Lieutenant Stanton, Porkrinds, Odo, and Tocatal. While they were away the city’s mayor, Fernando Venia, invited the Arisen to his home for a lavish dinner party.

Stanton frets about getting the Arisen looking as prim and proper as possible before accompanying them to the party. The group meets several rich and important locals but largely ignore them as they were handled poorly. They sit down for a meal but a minor incident occurs when Porkrinds refuses to say grace. Fortunately, the players force him to and a minor social crisis is averted.

After the meal, Venia invites them to his private chambers where the players find he has a harem set up. Fortunately for the players, this was handled poorly as well and Venia did not make them nearly uncomfortable enough so that they would simply want to take his job offer and leave. They negotiate a higher price, get half the money up front, and prepare for their assignment.

The job they were given is to investigate some trouble in the woods, possibly caused by a dragon, maybe even the dragon they are pursuing. Something burned a large swath of woods near the city limits and has been causing trouble for folk who work in the woods such as lumberjacks and rangers. Venia is aware of a witch living in the woods who he believes is responsible for the activity. He wants the party to fix the problem, presumably by killing the witch though as Venia clearly is not a good person, it is entirely evident that there is more going on.

But there isn’t. Not really, anyway.

The players enter the woods and after a few hours worth of travel, are completely lost. They stumble around lost in the woods for days, fending off attacks from wild creatures, hounded at night by mysterious magical forces, put on edge by Porkrinds’s constant whining and cowardice, and their supplies all but spent. When they finally reach a cottage, the first sign of civilization they have seen in about a week. They are unsure of whether or not this witch is responsible for their problems and if she is, they are unsure if they can beat her.

No, wait, that’s not how that happened at all. Whoops!

The players walk through the woods for about a day before meeting the witch who, while a tremendously annoying chav anarchist, is largely benign. The witch, named Sylvia, explains her situation to the party. She is a changeling in the traditional sense- no wait, I forgot to include that. Oops.

She is a person living in the woods for some strange reason and for no apparent reason was made protector of the forest by the fey who have no real connection to her whatsoever outside of the fact that they both live in the woods, which makes perfect sense considering how trustworthy they were towards the party in the previous session, right? Anyway, she reveals that it isn’t a dragon that is making problems but a drake, a smaller type of dragon. As the drake is an animal making residence in the forest, it is technically a creature of the forest and therefore, Sylvia cannot kill it without fear of retribution.

Fortunately, the party don’t have such limitations and really don’t care to stay much longer on this island so they are free to kill the drake and will likely be gone before the fey realize what happened. The party rests up and the next morning, Fortunato, Pablo, Tocatal, Odo, Ray, Porkrinds, and Sylvia set out to take on the ferocious and imposing drake.

Fortunately, this drake was really lame and gets thoroughly wrecked by the party who never even had to call in their higher-leveled back up, Sylvia. Good job, Forest Drake! A toast to you:

Once the killing blow is struck, the body slowly fades from existence, another detail I missed, and the party finds that some of their equipment has ascended, a process known as becoming dragon-forged. With their task completed and Sylvia as their guide out of the not so twisted forest, the party returns to the city for their cash reward.

Session 5

Ray Vance, a Paladin in the Order of the Balanced Blade, has been assigned the task of finding out information on the dragon. He travels South to the city of Granpueblo. Soon after arriving, he is greeted by the sight of a Varangian airship landing at the port. The most beautiful woman he has ever seen emerges, speaks to the crowd, and drops off three men whom she claims are Arisen. Realizing their connection to the dragon, Vance watches the men. One of the Arisen, Tocatal, runs a race faster than he has ever seen a man run one before. He approaches the group but Tocatal and Stanton are drawn away by other pressing business. While he is thoroughly unimpressed by Porkrind, he does meet Fortunato and the two men decide to search for information on the dragon together.

Finding nothing useful, they dump Porkrinds at a bar and decide to search for work. They stop by the animal control office and learn that a bounty has been placed at a local village. Apparently, some sort of creature is entering the town at night and tearing the place up, trying to break into the houses and terrifying the residents. The men agree to the job and head out.

Upon arriving, they meet the village elder who gives them what little information he knows about the creature. Apparently, the creature tore up a tree with claws like a bear but also cracked a door with something hard like a beak. Whatever it was, the two men set out on the creatures trail.

The trail leads them to a river where they are attacked by Spriggans. After killing them, they investigate the bodies, finding some strange tattoos on them. Though beaten and bruised, they continue on through the forest.

Eventually, the part is accosted by faeries, who ask the party what they are up to. Upon learning that they are hunting a creature of the forest, they warn the party that there will be retribution if they kill it. However the faeries do tell the party that something is wrong and that some unknown entity hiding out in a cave is making several creatures act strangely. The party promises to investigate.

They eventually find the cave as well as their quarry: an owlbear. The discover that it too bears strange markings similar to what they found on the Spriggans. They return to faeries with their information and agree to work together to find a solution. The faeries allow them access to their healing spring to treat their wounds. They then use the faeries to distract the owlbear and sneak into the cave.

Going deeper, they find a lair of sorts. Rooting through a desk, Ray finds information on the dragon as well as the journal belonging to whoever owned the hideout. Fortunato finds some valuable books on alchemy and both men find several potions. Pushing deeper, they are attacked by a strange, humanoid-shaped creature which explodes when killed. They then find a trap door and go even deeper into the cave.

They find a dark room with several cages scattered about and animals kept inside. They don’t have much time to investigate as they are attacked by camouflaged creatures who blend in to the dark. They eventually beat them back and are able to investigate the room in full, finding that it is a laboratory where someone was experimenting on forest creatures. They find a strange circle but are unsure of what it is, guessing that it was probably used in teleportation. However, they are unable to find the culprit and ultimately leave.

They return to the faeries and tell them that their troubles are likely over, though they can’t be too sure. They then return to the village and inform the village elder the same. They then return to the city, largely unsuccessful though with a possible lead on something sinister.

Session 4

Fortunato speaks with Regal who reveals that he actually knows Bautista from the time when they were both part of the Varangian dueling team at the World Sport Tournaments. Regal tells Fortunato that Bautista is an excellent swordswoman and an honorable person. Fortunato ultimately decides that he will tell Bautista that he is an Arisen and join the Wyrm Hunt.

The party boards the ship were they are introduced to several other members of the crew. They meet Lieutenant Giancarlo Stanton, who is second in command, as well as several officers who teach them various airship operational skills.

Odo and Pablo are assigned to work under the head engineer, a half-orc named Jose Iglesias. Fortunato meets the top gun-esque pilot, Leonardo Inigo, while Tocatal studies under the condescending half-elf navigator named Dora Merlo.

After a hard day of work, the Arisen go to sleep in their private quarters and are soon subject to some good ol’ fashioned military-style hazing. Porkrind is given the once over but his squeals don’t wake the others. Tocatal is caught sleeping and Iglesias puts shaving cream on his hand, then tickles his face, causing Tocatal to smear shaving cream all over his face. Tocatal uses this opportunity to shave.

When the hazers move to the next room, they find Fortunato and Pablo practicing dueling and sipping wine. They quietly close the door and leave.

The next day, Bautista summons the crew and informs them that they are coming upon a group of small islands. She is planning on splitting up the crew into teams and sending them out to gather information on the dragon and find out whether or not it had passed this way.

Bautista puts the Arisen and their pawns on a team lead by Lieutenant Stanton and drops them off at the largest trade city in the region, Granpueblo. The Zephyr lands at the docks and puts on a grand show, Bautista announcing to all that gather that the men accompanying her are Arisen and are on the lookout for the dragon. She informs anyone with information to contact either the Arisen or Lieutenant Stanton, then departs.

The Arisen talk to the various merchants and Tocatal eventually ends up placing a bet on himself to win a race. He rolls a natural 20 on his race challenge which, combined with his already above average speed, means that he absolutely demolishes his competition.

Session 3

Fortunato and Tocatal fall through the rift, eventually coming out in a white room with black curtains. Inside the room is a busy man at a desk filling out paperwork. When they approach, he informs them that he will be giving a Survey to match them up with a pawn. After taking the survey, the Pawn Master gives them some information On Keeping a Pawn, then sends them back through the rift.

The two men find themselves back in the clearing joined by their two pawns, Pablo and Odo. Unfortunately, they see no sign of Raul anywhere. They search about for him and eventually discover him unconscious and captured by goblins. The party is able to successfully kill the goblins and save Raul, who really fucking sucks at not getting his ass kicked.

The party returns to the riftstone and find that the clearing is now occupied by blink dogs. The blink dog leader, Sage, approaches and reveals that he and his pack watch over the riftstone, realizing its significance. Unfortunately, the goblin population has gotten out of control and they were unable to protect the clearing. Having just reclaimed it, Sage is none too keen on letting the goblins take the land back.

The party agrees to help the blink dogs hold the fort against the goblin horde when they return later that night. They camp in the clearing and set up some traps when, sure enough, the goblins return, dragging a troll in tow. A battle breaks out with the party emerging victorious and successfully burning the trolls remains, preventing it from regenerating.

Fortunato, Tocatal, Pablo, Odo, and Raul all return to town the next morning, finding that a Varangian airship, the Zephyr, had come in the previous night. A town meeting is being held on the parade grounds so the party shows up to see what is happening.

They arrive to find the Captain of the airship Zephyr and most beautiful woman in the world, Elaudia Bautista, speaking to the people of Driftwood. She reveals that she and her men are part of the newly formed Wyrm Hunt Wyrm Hunt which has just been authorized by the Varangian Minister of War. Unfortunately, the crew had just been heading home from a long range scouting mission when they were reassigned, so they are out of supplies and will be taking what they need from the people of Driftwood. However, as an olive branch, Bautista promises that the Varangian government will be sending the best healer they can find to treat any and all injuries sustained from the dragon’s attack. She also reveals that this means the popular and beloved Garbanzo will make a full recovery and will soon be able to resume his usual pantsing duties, a revelation which garners applause and support from the crowd.

Bautista then asks the crowd for any people who had been physically touched by the dragon to come up and talk with her. Immediately, Porkrind rushes up and declares that he was touched by the dragon. After some discussion, Bautista names Porkrind and official member of the Wyrm Hunt and gives him a white cloak with black emblem of a dragon on the back. Tocatal soon approaches her as well and receives the same honor.

Fortunato, however, is not so quick to approach as he hates the Varangian military. He decides to talk with his mentor, Sergio Vargos Regal, before taking any overt actions.

Session 2

Fortunato and Tocatal are able to nurse Raul back to consciousness, though the party has taken a serious beating at the hands of the harpies. Fortunately, Raul happens to have several flasks of water filled with water from a healing spring which allows the men to recover. They finish their climb, reaching the top of the mountain!

Raul leads them to the riftstone but finds that the area has been taken over by a gaggle of goblins who worship the stone as some sort of religious symbol. A goblin patrol stumbles on the men but they are able to kill the gobos before they alert any more of the massive horde hanging out in the clearing.

Seeing how he is a Ranger, a master of forestry and at home in such an environment, Raul decides that he will intentionally draw the ire of the goblin pack, leaving the riftstone open for the Arisen to approach while he leads the foe on a wild goose chase. Realizing that Raul is completely incompetent but not wanting to search for another solution, Fortunato and Tocatal agree.

Raul leads the goblins away and the two men approach. After touching the riftstone, the two men are pulled into the Rift.

Session 1

The men awake the next morning to the sound of the town bell ringing, summoning the local militia to the parade grounds. The two men report for duty and are soon attacked by a fire-breathing dragon!

The dragon attacks, wounding several of the other men before focusing on Fortunato and Tocatal. Tocatal bravely and gallantly tries to climb the dragon’s head, punching the dragon in the eye. Unfortunately, this does nothing except get Tocatal impaled through his back, his heart torn out and eaten by the dragon. Fortunato tries to talk with the dragon but only manages to delay his fate. He kisses the dragon before it stabs him in the chest, taking his heart as well.

To their great surprise, the two men awake the next day, somehow alive despite missing their hearts. They overhear a conversation between Cortese and Reynard discussing their strange condition. They soon learn that they are now Arisen, people chosen by the dragon. It seems that their purpose is to fight the dragon for possession of their hearts, though they are unsure of exactly why.

While learning of their new responsibilities, they also learn that Arisen are the only people who can control pawns. These pawns are interdimensional space travelers with no will of their own. They can be summoned through riftstones and, fortunately for our two heroes, there just so happens to be one on the island of Driftwood, sitting atop the mountain in the center of the island.

The two men find an Elven Ranger named Raul who is hanging out at Inez’s alehouse, drinking and wasting away the day. They ask him to help bring them to the riftstone and he agrees. The three of them decide on climbing up the rocky side of the mountain, which is quicker but leaves them exposed to all kinds of airborne threats. The three men decide that this shouldn’t be an issue and make their way up the rock face.

Unfortunately, they were wrong and it was, in fact, an issue as they are attacked by harpies. The beasts attack Raul, who turns out to really fucking suck at his job, and nearly kills him before turning their attention on Fortunato. It isn’t long before Fortunato is down and out as well.

The good news is that Tocatal went beast-mode and beat back the attackers. Fortunato, though badly wounded, regains consciousness. The three men are left on a literal cliff hanger, with Raul’s life in peril.


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